Time is a valuable thing...

...on standby for you.

Time is a valuable thing.

Since 2002 I've worked in the IT-Business, and many times I've heard that companies - as well as individuals - would like to have a diversified website which they don’t want to spend a lot of money for, and also don’t have the time to administrate it themselves. For anybody who doesn’t have a web-presence yet or wants to let someone design your web-appearance completely new - bigger, more complex, different: don’t hesitate to give the job to one provider.

If, generally speaking, you are satisfied with your web-appearance, only need 'a small new version' or need maintenance alone as well as steady updates of your contents (content management), extensive packages are not necessary and only cost extra money. I gladly offer the time for the administration of your existing web-presence and am on ‚standby‘ for your web- & social media-tasks with both know-how and precision.

WEBSTANDBY …because what you don’t have, is time.